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Steam and Infrared Sauna

Steam and infrared sauna have always formed an integrated part of all spa activities and beauty regimen. However, few know how infrared sauna or steam goes about helping and affecting our health.


There are many doctors and physicians who actually advise people to go for the therapeutic treatments of sauna. To first understand the benefits of sauna, you need to understand its working mechanism. Infrared sauna deals with raising the temperature of a set enclosure and, in effect, the temperature of our own bodies. Thus, this induces an artificial state of fever. In this state, our body?s defense mechanism becomes active and further helps in resisting any infections or diseases. The white blood cells start multiplying further strengthening our defense system.


Meanwhile, it is noticed how a person undergoing regular steam and infrared sauna sessions possesses beautiful skins. Since it is the skin that gets heated at the earliest, the most effect is also towards it. The deeply hidden toxins get loosened by the heat and come out of the body along with the sweat. Thus, the skin and body gets detoxified, getting that healthy sheen to it. Further, the fact is that the rising temperatures aids in the increase of blood flow to our skin. The heart starts beating faster and pumps more blood to the body parts. At times, many people face raised blood pressure due to this sudden increase in pumping. However, it is also noticed that mostly the blood vessels also expand due to the heat thus nullifying the blood pressure.



For all the calorie conscious people, sauna brings good news. Sauna helps in burning as many calories as you would when walking briskly. Secondly, it helps in flushing out the harmful toxins of your body. These toxins, in truth, lead to a partial weight gain by retaining water. Hence, when these toxins get flushed out of your systems in sauna, the water retention also decreases. This in return helps in reducing your weight.


Now, there are many ways from which you can choose in order to enjoy the sauna. Either you can join a spa for sauna or you can simply get an infrared sauna for yourself at home. There are many types of infrared sauna coming in the market these days. Infrared sauna is amongst one of the most widely used saunas. Available in all possible sizes, you can choose according to your budget and performance. These infrared saunas are available in further three categories, divided on the basis of the kind of heaters involved. These categories are - ceramic heaters, carbon heaters and mica heaters. Depending upon the performance by each, you can choose on which one to opt for. Infrared sauna uses the same radiations which are used in incubators in hospitals.

Now that you are well equipped with the knowledge on sauna, kick those myths out of your head and get going the healthy way.




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